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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

New Arrival of German Wines

First published: 08th October 2018

I am pleased to inform you that a new shipment of German wine has arrived. This batch has about 6,000 bottles of wine; they are rich and full of options for everyone. I hope you will enjoy them. Here is a summery of this shipment:

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41 different wines offered by 3 wineries; their vintage covered from 2014 to 2017: Wajos from Eller/ Edger, Mosel; Scherr & Borell Diehl from Hainfeld, Pfalz. They are no strangers to our Hong Kong’s wine connoisseurs, there wines are mostly single varietal and this time some nice blended Red wine are new to us.

Wajos is located in Eller/ Edger, which is a twin village in the lower section of Mosel, if you can run like an field athlete; you may be able to reach from one end to the other end of next town in just 10~12 seconds and Ha ha ; I did it in about 15 seconds fifteen years ago. Michael Oster is the youngest wine maker in the family which for generations has been operating in the area since year 1345.

The Mont Calmont and hills extended from it are running along the river Mosel. This area is being called "Arena" by the locals, because of its steep and curved mountains. It is the home of steepest Riesling vineyards in the northern hemisphere. You can easily seeing the picture of this "Arena" like landscape with tiny villages next to the river Mosel and those steep vineyards on all promote materials of The German wine from Mosel printed by the authority.

The terroir is best for a specific style of Riesling. The winemakers from this region are eager to show the soil type on the labels, alongside the grape varietal, allowing buyers to understand more characteristic of a Riesling from different soils.

Hainfeld is a village in the Pfalz valley; Like Mosel they are one of the thirteen wine regions in Germany. This village is located in the middle of the legendary Weinstraße (German Wine Street), west of Heidelberg. It is a favourite region for wine lovers and the wines are very fine and affordable. The terroir here is best for other style of dry Riesling and many other white and red wine varietals.

Wines from Pfalz are very different to the wine from Mosel(-Saar-Ruwer) region, which you may have tasted in our previous shipment. The style of wine reflects the direction of wine-making in this region, Pfalz are mostly dry, bottles of wine items with a wide range of alcohol content, from as low as 9% to the powerful Gewürztraminer; a variety that rich enough to be able to reaches the limit of still wine making, 15% by natural fermentation. Secondly, I sensed that in this region; winemakers do not focus much on Riesling, because they know that their land offers something that is also better for other varieties.

From these 2 regions, I have collected:

  1. 17 Red wines crafted from five beautiful varietals:
  2. Such as four items of Spätburgunder (Pinot noir), two items of Schwarzriesling, they are unique to each other but at the same time they are sharing some commons on styles & characteristics: Light in wine color; rich in bouquet and react differently toward oxidation.
  3. Next time when you visit our web site, Do play attention to Dornfelder, within five items; Creamy & silkiness for the semi dry, spicy and strong body for the dry one.
  4. Finally, the one and the only Dunkelfelder and the most elegant St. Laurent, a wine for the upper class of Austria, Germany and France in the past
  5. From 10 varietals, We are managed to form a team of 23 items of white ; From Kabinett to Spätlese and from dry to sweet, Gewürztraminer, Grauer Burgunder, Kerner, Müller-Thurgau, WeisserBurgunder, Rivaner, Sylvaner, Scheurebe and of course the Riesling with different soil structures back ground for you to try,
  6. Tasty Rosy wines made from Portugieser .
  7. Beside items mentioned above, don't forget that we also available with Auslese, BA., Eiswein & TBA., most the best you can find in Hong Kong.

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I Hope you would place your order soon before the availability end.

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