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Our wines using this grape variety are listed below.

Also called "Pinot Noir" or "red Burgundy" in countries like France (ie. Romanee De Conti) , Australia…etc. This is a classic grape and part of the most famous grape family. One of the oldest varieties, cultivated from wild grapes. Widely considered to produce some of the finest wines in the world.

It is also a difficult variety to cultivate and transform into wine. Some one said; "God made Cabernet Sauvignon whereas the devil made Spätburgunder". Too hot the weather may cause jamminess, on the other hand too cool the weather the grassy taste & lack of aroma would make no one happy. Therefore global warming & the geological advantages benefit German Spätburgunder and German red wine in general.

It is the King of the red wine grapes, warm and soft to the taste, harmonic with full flavor and a touch of cherries and blackberries. Most of the wine should be drink young and store no longer than 10 years; except….

Mosel, 2014, Spätburgunder 13.0% QbA Wajos 2014 Spätburgunder HK$400.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$320.00
Mosel, 2013, Spätburgunder 13.0% QbA Wajos 2013 Spätburgunder Barrique HK$600.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$520.00
Pfalz, 2015, Spätburgunder 12.8% QbA BD 2015 Spaetburgunder HK$500.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$420.00
Pfalz, 2016, Spätburgunder 13.5% QbA BD 2016 Spaetburgunder HK$500.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$420.00
Fleminger Bischofskreuz, 2014, Spätburgunder 13.5% QbA BD 2014 Pinot Noir Réserve HK$1200.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$1100.00
Fleminger Bischofskreuz, 2009, Spätburgunder 14.0% Spätlese Borell Diehl 09 Spaetburgunder HK$960.00
Cash and Carry: HK$880.00
Pfalz, Spätburgunder 20.0% Borell Diehl Spaetburgunder Liq. HK$1980.00
Cash and Carry: HK$1780.00
Hainfelder Ordensgut, 2010, Spätburgunder 13.5% QbA Koch 2010 Spaetburgunder HK$900.00
Cash and Carry: HK$780.00
Pfalz, 2009, Spätburgunder 14.0% Spätlese Koch 2009 Spaetburgunder -S, AK HK$1980.00
Cash and Carry: HK$1800.00


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