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A Hybrid of Sylvaner and Riesling, created 1916 and named in honour of the cultivator, Mr. Georg Scheu. This grape was previously very popular and is currently loosing importance. Rich in flavour. A dry Scheurebe wine is a delicious sipping wine for an evening. These are long-lived wines that develop aromas redolent of peaches or roses as they mature, a bouquet of blackcurrant and a spicy undertone.
Pfalz, 2016, Scheurebe 10.8% QbA BD 2016 Scheurebe HK$300.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$230.00
Flemlinger Vogelsprung, 2011, Scheurebe 8.0% Spätlese Koch 2011 Scheurebe, HK$480.00
Cash and Carry: HK$390.00
Pfalz, 2017, Scheurebe 13.0% QbA Scherr HK$330.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$300.00


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