Grauer Burgunder

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This grape belongs to the Pinot family and it is a direct mutation from the pinot Noir family. Known in Italy as Pinot grigio, in France as Pinot Gris. Regardless of the name, it is a powerfull, mouth-filling white wine with a relatively round acidity. Its bouquet hints of fresh butter or nuts or a spectrum of fruits. At early stage the berry skin is not green its pink. The grapes are very compact 'like" a fist. The vines like lots of sun but the berry are very sensitive. Heavy rain during the harvest or an overload of fertilizer brings lots of rottenness. Grauer Burgunder is substantial enough to pair with full-flavoured foods, such as seafood, lamb and cheese.
Pfalz, 2017, Grauer Burgunder 12.5% QbA BD 2017 Grauer Burgunder HK$300.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$240.00
Hainfelder Letten, 2011, Grauer Burgunder 13.5% Spätlese Borell Diehl Grauer Burgunder HK$700.00
Cash and Carry: HK$650.00
Pfalz, 2017, Grauer Burgunder 13.0% Spätlese Scherr HK$310.00
New arrival special offer Cash and Carry: HK$260.00


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