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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


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Our wines using this grape variety are listed below.

A hybrid of Helfenstein and Heroldgrape, created 1955 by August Herold a German grape breeder in Pfalz and named after the vintner Imanuel Dornfeld. Since 1975 popular in all German wine areas. Supplies a dark red wine, sometimes even shows a touch of blue colour, with a prominent and fruity flavour. Remembered for the intense fruit aromas, like blackberry and sour cherry. Bottled and maked young, like a Beaujolais Nouveau, very little affected by tannin extract. All-round, a harmonic wonderfull red wine, it produced under quality conditions! A deep red temptation, served slightly chilled, is a great and popular wine in Germany.
Mosel, 2017, Dornfelder 10.5% QbA wajos 2017 Dornfelder HK$400.00
Cash and Carry: HK$320.00
Mosel, 2014, Dornfelder 13.5% QbA Wajos 2014 Dornfelder Barrique HK$500.00
Cash and Carry: HK$420.00
Pfalz, 2016, Dornfelder 12.9% QbA BD 2016 Dornfelder HK$350.00
Cash and Carry: HK$280.00
Pfalz, 2016, Dornfelder 12.8% QbA BD 2016 Dornfelder silky HK$350.00
Cash and Carry: HK$280.00
Pfalz, 2017, Dornfelder 12.5% QbA Scherr 2017 Dornfelder HK$300.00
Cash and Carry: HK$220.00


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