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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Gewurztraminer and Muscat, Horace's forest fantasy

First published: 01st March 2016

Good readers, this is the first time for this wine blog to write about German wine, people and things. Working and talking with friends about German wine on different occasions I have noticed that nine out of ten people, regardless of origin raised their thumb or gave nods of approval and elaborated their experience of Riesling, also friends kept saying "Horace, I don't like sweet wine".

The existing German grape varieties planted more trouble, there are also different varieties of raw mixed breed. But now the winemakers are aiming in the direction of improving existing varieties and improving yields, rather than the further introduction of new varieties. The quest for excellence is in their hearts.

Among the many white grape varieties, let me first write about the face master "Gewurztraminer" and the an absolute forest fairy, the refined "Muscat".

Gewüerztraminer, maybe you can pronounce this "格鎢司查妙娜", is a great variety from a small village, Tramin . Actually, it has travelled around the world and has been cultivated in other countries. For example, in France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and have their own names for this variety. In German, the name starts with "Gewüerz" meaning "spicy and vanilla-like". Then German immigrants took the variety to Australia, New Zealand and more. Australia and New Zealand vineyard both use the same name. Personally, I like Gewüerztraminer from New Zealand and Germany because of their mineral soil, which provides a full flavor and a little acidity to balance the sweetness. Conversely, I didn't like Gewüerztraminer from Alsace, France, it seems to leave a bitter after-taste.

The grape performs unpredictably in the vineyard and is temperamental, sometimes walking side by side with nature and sometimes contrary. This could be disastrous for the winery because Germany takes its wine quality seriously. The quality of the grape is 90% of the quality of the wine, the other 10% is the skill of brewing. If the vineyard fails to grow sufficient quality grapes in a year then there will be no wine from that year. Of course, the winery also feels pity, but the winery's reputation is the overriding concern. The temperament of this grape also affects the brewing process, few white wine varieties, even with sufficient time for fermentation, can reach 14% alcohol content.

But here is the key, if this grape had not been promoted to this level, there would be no wine of this "heroic" level. If you have a bottle of Gewüerztraminer from Germany of not less than 13% alcohol content, you will have a memorable afternoon or evening whether you are alone or around friends.

First, the wine brings you even cotton floral, initial layers of this fragrance seem a strange atmosphere, but a bit of deja vu. Every minute more of the bouquet comes out, such as fast between hero charm rotten tree in full bloom in safflower. Sometimes calm rich roses, chrysanthemums and sometimes elegant. When you start to feel a surge of continued gradual exudes as lychee scent when you may have unconsciously think this wine is sweet melon flavor and enjoy as a fill. Then his real ability of "face-changing magic" has kicked off.

If you are from the south, you must have had five flower herbal tea at home? Interestingly, this herbal tea with dried flowers and accompanied by two questions above. Remember I have already written to the people on the derrivation of the name?

Does anyone know the age of the name "Gewüerztraminer"? I had the opportunity to learn from a veteran wine critic but the problem of getting an answer is that he does not like to "pulp" as the name of the wine? The answer is really windy and horses and cattle do not phase and taste.

I personally feel that the name may have had translated a highly cultural, multi-national, growing, and today I do not know what tomorrow is the big time in a metropolis. It far corner of the elegant, peaceful, non-confrontational world with craving for elusive thoughts. Really I want to have a friend can even find the origin of the hero in ten foreign market of Shanghai in Taipei.

This wine style is not a suitable accompaniment for ordinary seafood, unless you can find a restaurant serving fresh oysters imported by air, or more likely blue cheese with a bar!

Common point of Gewüerztraminer and Muscat in that both have fragrant floral and fruity cotton honey taste. Muscat in English, or Musketeller in German, can be said to be the oldest cultivated grape vine in the world, and so far there are nearly 200 varieties. Archaeologists believe that Muscat was grown in Germany as early as 1546. German varieties include red and yellow Muscat, and Muscat Alexandia. Other varieties are cultivated in the Southern Hemisphere vineyards.

Why do I describe Muscat as a forest fairy? Unlike the hero of the above, Muscat is generally a lower alcohol content of wine, allowing the drinker to maintain such a fairy-like beauty; the other reason is her wine as they have an alias petite, but the skill (acid content). Conversely unlike the big hero this grape, when grown in loose dry sand, being Fay, does not want to be confined to rules, and likes jumping here and flying there. Muscat is suitable for brewing wines in the more structured German climate. So some wineries will use her experience to add something special when brewing the wine for this reason. One of the largest wine regions growing Muscat is "Pfalz" and "Winery Weingut Karl-Ludwig Scherr KG". There was made the Sekt sparkling wine "one thousand zero One night Tausendundeinenacht (1001 nights) Muskateller" which was particularly popular with Women. Imagine, after just a few mouthfuls this wine let you indulge in the tastes of an orange flower in full bloom , clear sweet honey, but a little mango flavor, everyday worries have been sent thousands of miles away, like Ma and wife together enjoy a romantic afternoon.

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