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One of a pearl in La Mancha, few words from the winery


Mare Nostrum Wineries was born in 2003 in order to produce high quality wines. We are a Family Company originated with a great wine tradition, we have been processing the grapevine since 1942. This tradition was inherited from parents to children, applying the knowledge about the growing and production process of grapevine, with the aim to get excellent wines.


Thanks to its strategic situation, it has a specific microclimate, ideal for the growing of grapevine, avoiding the sea wet and the frost in the Meseta.

The rainfall ranges between 300 and 400 Mm., being spring and autumn the main rainy periods.

This area has mainly sandy and limestone ground. The vineyards, most of them in espalier and traditional way, combine together with the weather, some different characters which we develop in our wines.


In the elaboration we use new Technologies and traditional processes, combined with great care to our vineyards, which will produce great grapes to elaborate our wines. We combine stainless steel containers with high quality oak casks for the crianza.

The ageing process is done in 200 oak casks, French and American, placed them in the cellar, 10 metres deep-drawn and excavated in rock, it lets us to maintain the natural environment needed to get our crianza wines.

The result of all this work is obtaining the Vino de La Tierra certification, which we acquired after doing a strict audit process, realized by SGS Spain company.

La Mancha, 2011, Macabeo 13.0% Casas de Corredor Blanco Sensum HK$120.00
Cash and Carry: HK$70.00
La Mancha, 2008, Syrah 13.5% Casas de Corredor Syrah Roble HK$950.00
Cash and Carry: HK$800.00