An Introduction to Viña Santa Marina

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A three-minute video introduction to winery Viña Santa Marina:

We were founded in 1999. The owners, hailing from Extremadura, were convinced that Extremadura, and specifically 8 Km. outside Mérida, was the perfect location to embark on a new and unique project.

After entering a lush area, the vineyards of Viña Santa Marina can be seen all along the Vía de la Plata (A-66) highway. One gets the impression of crossing the vineyard from north to south of the estate.

We chose a 200 hectare estate at the foot of the Lamoneda Mountain range where 80 hectares of perfectly conserved Mediterranean woods - comprised of Holm oak, cork oak, strawberry madrone, wild olive, rock-rose and a huge variety of shrubs-embellish and brighten the area with their colours and steep the surroundings in aromas.

The mountains, woods, bodega and vineyard make for a truly beautiful setting that does not go unnoticed by our visitors. While the holm and cork oak trees add to the picturesqueness of the area, the 61 hectares of vineyards give it freshness, enveloping the bodega, country house and grange in a simplicity and austerity that is characteristic of Extremadura.

Our experience, expertise and enthusiasm are earning Viña Santa Marina a worldwide reputation for quality wines and securing it a place in the wine market.

The vineyards are divided into several parcels - 32 to be precise - according to the type of soil and their location within the estate, thus separating the different grape varieties used in our wines.

Our first wines passed the test of the most chosen consumers before venturing further a field. Viña Santa Marina, like its adventurous ancestors, was destined for export from the outset, crossing oceans and borders to distant lands in search of new opportunities and presenting our Extremaduran wines for the discovery and approval of consumers.

An original choice of grape varieties that includes Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, in addition to Merlot and Viognier to give the wines a distinctive flavors. With these grapes, we make both single-variety wines and good blends, which is what makes our wines so attractive.

The soil is basically granite in composition, of a sandy clay structure and moderate depth, with areas of abundant pebbles that facilitate drainage. There are three different but complementary areas in the estate, according to the grape variety: a sloping area with lots of pebbles, a second sloping area with fewer pebbles and a flat area.

The plantation: the 61 hectares of vines are trained on wire trellis. We change the distance between the plants and trellises to adjust the ventilation, sunlight and density of the plantation, etc., all of which affect the plants from budding to growth to harvest and, consequently, the wines.

Although the vine is not a "great drinker", it does need a minimum amount of water, so we gently water it drop by drop when rainfall is insufficient.

We use modern grape growing techniques and meticulous care to produce good wine, and the land, our land, whose climate keeps the vine healthy, does the rest.

Las Clavellinas (Torremejía), 2004, Tempranillo 14.0% Reserva Vina Santa Marina Torremayor Reserva HK$2700.00
Cash and Carry: HK$2500.00
Matanegra, 2009, Pardina, Montua, Cayetana Blanca 11.0% 滴水神獸 Gargola HK$130.00
Cash and Carry: HK$80.00


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