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Macabeo (Viura) was introduced in Rioja, Spain after the phylloxera epidemic, now is widely grown in the Rioja of Spain and less than one tenth of Spanish total plantations in France. Responded well to hot and dry regions. It also buds late, which makes it less likely to be harmed by frost. This grape usually contributes to young white wines suitable for early consumption. It has good ability of its wines to better withstand oxidation. Macabeo is traditionally one of a key blended element to make a sparkling Cava, the best-known sparkling wine of Spain. This Cava is dry, medium in acidity, and have notes of delicate wildflowers and bitter almonds.
De Muller S.A., 2015, Macabeo, White Sauvignon, Muscat of Alexandria 11.0% Solimar Blanco HK$180.00
Cash and Carry: HK$140.00


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