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In Spain, Grenache is known as Garnacha, one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world. Requires a long growing season in order to fully ripen. Grenache is often one of the last grapes to be harvest, so needs hot, dry soil that are well drained and warm windy climate making Spain is it’s prefect home. It is also a super variety that goes well with any kind of soil. It tends to lack of acid, tannin and color (due to thin skin and lightly pigmented). It is usually blended with other varieties for the added body and sweet fruitiness to a wine without added tannins. Grenache is the dominant variety in many places France to Australia. One reason would be the high sugar levels of Grenache making its based wines capable of substantial alcohol levels often reach to 15% have led to extensive use in fortified wines (coffee and nutty tawny-like notes) . It is also used to make rosé wines in France and Spain. The characteristic notes of Grenache are generally spicy, berry-flavored such as raspberries, strawberries and cream notes; soft on the palate with a relatively high alcohol content, but it needs careful control of yield (35 hl/ha (2 tons/acre)) for best results. When yields are kept in check, Grenache based wines can develop complex and intense notes of black currants, black cherries, black olives, coffee, gingerbread, honey, leather, black pepper, tar, spices and roasted nuts. When yields are increased (35+ hl/ha), more overtly earthy and herbal notes emerge that tend to quickly fade on the palate.
Dominio de la Vega, Cuvee, Grenache 12.0% Cava Dominio de la Vega HK$270.00
Cash and Carry: HK$180.00


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