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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

做個幸運兒! 快來參觀銳記美酒攤位

首次出版: 2018年09月08日

Spain Pavilion Booth #5 (Booth: A111)

2018 Wine and Dine Festival @New Central Harbour front

Opening date and time:

October 25th (Thursday)19:300 to 23:30 Open to trade, VIP and media
October 26th (Friday)
October 27th (Saturday)
12:00 to 23:30, open to the public
October 28th (Sunday)12:00 to 22:00, open to the public

This year, Yui Kee Wine will promote all Spanish wines on hands,

From Catalonia, winery De Muller SA.. has a long wine making history dating back to 1851; 2016; the first time in Hong Kong showcase their collection to the wine lovers.
Viña Santa Marina, wine making history dating back to 1999, 61 hectares of the vineyards near the Guadiana River area in Extremadura (extreme hard land), lands are divided into 32 sections according to soil type and location. For more details on the winery; please click here: "" , Secondly; taste the "Gargola", exclusive offer of the bottle mature,
Seleccion Mare Nostrum Bodegas SL, a winery from La Mancha, was established in 2003. but the history of wine making dates back to 1942, and the wine aging process is completed through 200 oak barrels,

At our booth:

There will be a steady stream of sparkling wines from De Muller, S.A. to celebrate such event.

Exhibit our newly arrived wines (approximately 6,000 bottles were shipped from Europe last month in reefer containers ),

Showing wines with a single variety to some wine were cuvee from 14 varieties, Don't miss such a special wines.

本頁 更新於: 2018年09月08日

2018 香港 美酒佳餚巡禮@港島 中環新海濱

西班牙館展位#5 ( 攤位: A111 )

開放日期 及 時間:

10月25日(星期四)19:300 至 23:30 向貿易, VIP和媒體開放


來自加泰羅尼亞的De Muller,S.A.酒廠,可追溯到1851年具有悠久的釀酒歷史, 2016第一次在香港銳記展位與公眾和葡萄酒愛好者見面; 展示及推售所有最佳的葡萄酒和起泡葡萄酒.
來自Extremadura(极荒之地)的 Viña Santa Marina酒廠,釀酒歷史,可追溯到1999年, 瓜地亞那河流域的61公頃之葡萄園,根據土壤類型和位置被分成32區域. 了解這個酒莊的更多細節請點擊這裡:"" , 銳記本地唯一的"滴水神獸"供應商,
Seleccion Mare Nostrum Bodegas S.L.,來自La Mancha的酒廠,建立在2003年, 釀酒歷史可追溯到 1942年, 葡萄酒陳化過程一切都在200個橡木桶中完成,


將源源不斷地提供從De Muller,S.A.的卡瓦起泡葡萄酒以增加節曰氣紛



Booth #5, between CX & Bordeaus Village,Booth #5, between CX & Bordeaus Village, hi-res